Lewis feels like he’s been placed in an impossible position and is furious with Audrey for announcing their future plans. When he stalls over how they’re going to pay for everything Audrey asserts money won’t be an issue. But in order to pacify him she promises she’ll tell everyone she jumped the gun. Wrong-footed Lewis’s mind is racing as he clarifies that she’d be prepared to sell up for him. When she confirms it, he seems to have a change of heart.

Eileen‘s still interested in buying the house and Molly reminds Tyrone that he’ll have to tell Kevin he’s leaving Websters Autos. Tyrone’s clearly reluctant, but with her due date approaching Molly piles on the pressure. But Tyrone just isn’t sure he can bring himself to sell up.

Fiz urges John to speak to Roy about getting his old job back. But he’s still lying to Fiz. He uses talk of Ches’s 16th birthday party as a get out.

Also, Claire decides that she wants to get back into childcare; Nick and Carla continue to clash over the factory.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Fiz makes plans for Ches’s party and Colin tells John they need to talk. Meeting away from the house John’s alarmed as Colin reveals Charlotte’s told him everything and he wants his identity back. Desperate, John calls Charlotte. She’s quite obviously loving the drama of it all and she agrees to talk to Colin again, but it means it might all be over for John.

The Platts can’t help but doubt Lewis’s intentions as he offers to pay for his and Audrey’s trip to Greece. Unsure of where he’s going to find the cash, Lewis is in the bookies flirting with Deirdre when he spots an opportunity. As an unsuspecting Deirdre leaves him alone he immediately heads behind the counter in order to get the cash he needs.

Sally’s keen to take advantage of Tyrone’s hopes for a quick sale and tells Kevin to make a low offer on his share of the garage. But a guilty Kev makes a U-turn.

Also, Liz gets chatted up by a stranger who has found her profile on Facescene; Sunita and Claire realise they could help each other get back into work.

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