Are Libby and Doug over?

Libby gets a text from Doug, asking her to meet him at the hospital, and assumes he’s about to break up with her. Doug is pleased when he sees Libby as he didn’t think she’d come.

Steph bursts into the kitchen, full of anger that Lyn is still interfering in Libby’s life. Steph reminds Lyn that Doug has promised to keep her pregnancy details confidential, but Lyn looks upset and says she’s really worried for her. Steph understands but wants Lyn to promise her she’ll leave Libby and Doug alone.

Later, Lyn finds a profile on the dating website that she likes the sound of – SophisticatedGent52. SG52 likes the Rolling Stones, his favourite actor is Paul Newman, he’s self- employed and is in the 45- 55 age bracket, he seems too good to be true.

However, Summer’s a bit worried because SG52 hasn’t put down a lot of information about himself and thinks Lyn should find someone else, but Lyn has already sent him an email. Summer makes it her mission to find out more about SG52.

Toadie and Steph look on as Summer puts in SG52’s IP address to get more details about him. She’s astonished when the results come up. He lives on Ramsay Street!

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