Are Max and Steph really through?

Following her break-up with Max, Steph turns to Niall for comfort and he is quick to convince her that she has made the right decision. In the hope of seeing Steph, Max heads to The Dog with Dom, where he proceeds to list all of Steph’s worst faults.

But he is unaware that a horrified Steph has overheard him and she leaves before she hears Max say that he loves all those faults and won’t give up on their relationship. Later, Max tries to pursue Steph again, but is stopped when he sees her and Niall together.

As John-Paul tries to convince Mercedes that his love for Kieron isn’t like his relationship with Craig, Michaela reveals to Mercedes that Kieron is cheating on John-Paul, and the news is going to come out in an expose she’s written for the newspaper.

But when John-Paul apologises to Michaela for his snappy attitude, she’s riddled with guilt and races off to retract her story. Meanwhile, believing Kieron has done the dirty on John-Paul, Mercedes attacks him, leaving him nursing a black eye. But John-Paul is pleasantly surprised when Kieron later reveals that he has left the church.

Also, Danny is determined to plough on with his comedy career, despite Hannah’s reservations.

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