When Michael struggles with the paper shuffling involved in preparing for the new year as school principal, Emilia reminds him of the free-spirited, inspiring teacher he used to be. Agreeing he needs to get away from the stifling paperwork he goes for a surf, asking Emelia to go with him. When she turns him down saying she hasn’t been for ages, he gives her a lesson on the lawn. During the lesson they get a lot closer than either of them expected.

Desperate to get a place on the surgical program, Rhys launches a devious plan to get one of the surgical trainees to drop out so he can take their place. Karl watches on, wondering what Rhys is up to and when the plan backfires, Rhys is forced to promise Karl he won’t try it again. But it’s not long before he moves on to another member of the program.

Lucas wants to visit Dan in Sydney, but plagued with guilt about the assault on Chris and believing it’s his fault, Lucas is reluctant to leave him. Emilia encourages Lucas to discuss it with Chris, who gives his blessing, but when Lucas asks her to go with him, both Michael and Emelia look unsure.