Miles finds VJ at the Diner and discovers that Leah was, in fact, back in Summer Bay the night before, despite telling him otherwise. Hurt and confused, Miles confronts Leah. She says she’s not convinced that Miles is happy to stay the way they are, with no more kids. And Miles can’t actually disagree with her. Is this the end?

Irene mentions to Roo that Sid’s date with the young nurse didn’t go very well. So, when Roo receives a love note, she believes it’s from Sid. But when she follows the instructions on the note, she is shocked to find Harvey waiting for her on the beach.

John is desperate to keep his position on the council. He asks Alf to pull some strings, but it doesn’t do any good. When he’s booted off the council, John decides to invest in the Resort development himself. Gina is worried that her husband is making the wrong decision but John tells her it’s a sure thing. Harvey then reveals to John that he intends to replace him on the council.

Ruby gets a letter from Casey explaining that he can’t go to the city with her. Heartbroken, she thinks it’s over.