After a counseling session with Sandy, Nancy is encouraged to give Darren another chance. At The Dog, she’s devastated to see Sienna comforting her son, referring to herself as his mother. Nancy launches at her love-rival and pulls her hair. She drags her down through the pub and tries to tell everyone that Sienna’s stealing her life, but no one believes her.

The Savages prepare to say goodbye to Liberty, before she jets off to LA. However, she’s upset when Dodger refuses to go to her farewell party if Will is going to be there. Liberty wants to convince her brothers to make up for one final goodbye and tricks them both into coming to the boat and then locks them inside together. Talk inevitably turns to Anna and Texas and the lads seem to make a breakthrough.

After her leaving party in The Dog, Liberty waves a tearful goodbye to her family. And has John Paul’s love life been ruined before it’s begun?