Brennan checks up on Paige and she’s touched until he coldly tells her he’s merely doing his job before leaving her alone. Annoyed, Paige marches over to his house to confront him and after pouring her heart out, she takes the bull by the horns and kisses him.

When Joshua’s visa application is rejected, Amber says she’s going to the US anyway – alone. She later tells Lauren that if the baby is sick she wants to take it away – Lauren’s been through too much grief this year. Lauren reassures her – if the baby is sick, she would prefer to be around. Amber takes this in, and tells Josh she is sticking around and needs his support.

Imogen listens to her new friend, and prospective boyfriend, Caspar’s lecture on sustainable community living. But she’s thrown when Daniel shows up, pretending he’s simply at university for some free education. Impressed, Caspar invites him to listen to his forum. And to Imogen’s surprise, Caspar loves Daniel’s contributions to his talk and invites him to hang out together.