Are Ric and Sally under threat?

Jack confirms that before Johnny broke out of jail, he had been mouthing off about seeking his revenge on Sally and Ric. Jack suggests Sally and Ric leave the area until Johnny is back behind bars, but Sally wants to stay for the new school year, but urges Ric to leave for his safety. Meanwhile, Johnny Cooper makes his way to Summer Bay…

After talking to Rachel about her options, Cassie admits to Martha and Belle that she’s still confused at what to do about Henk. She keeps changing her mind about wanting him in her life. Martha and Belle can’t bring themselves to reveal that Henk has done a runner.

Later, Ric picks Cassie up from hospital and fills her in on the Johnny situation, which prompts Cassie to decide not to tell Sally about her condition. Ric tells Cassie about Henk’s departure, and she tries to stay strong, admitting she wasn’t sure whether she could ever get past him giving her HIV. But her resolve doesn’t last long and she breaks down. Later, Ric offers to accompany her to an AIDS clinic in the city.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday March 19*

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