Are Romeo’s sponsorship hopes dashed?

Romeo’s short of cash and is persuaded he needs to find a sponsor. John arranges a meeting with a business associate and things are looking up when Romeo wins his latest competition. But, as he’s heading home for the meeting, druggie Steve hits him with his car and, though the sponsorship deal is secured, Romeo has to head for the hospital. Things take a turn for the worse when Sid tells him he’s going to need an operation and will be out of action for several months…

Colleen tells the girls that she’s given her son all her savings in the hope he’d build a granny flat to look after her. Now her dreams are crushed as he’s moving to the US. The girls feel sorry for her and cheer her up by presenting her with an air ticket to visit her son in the Gold Coast and talk to him before he leaves.

Indi regrets her expensive dress purchase but is unable to return it. Shallow friend Lindsay tells her to get the money from Logan but Indi won’t stoop that low and tells her they can no longer be friends.