Are Rosie and Jason finished? (VIDEO)

Rosie still hasn’t been honest with Jason, admitting to Sophie that she’d rather let their relationship fizzle out than crush him. But when Jason decides he’s going to move to London to be with her, Rosie panics. She begs Owen to offer him his old job back, insisting the crash was her fault. Taking this on board Owen asks Jason to come back to work. But when Jason refuses, Owen admits it was Rosie who talked him into changing his mind. Sensing something is amiss Jason confronts Rosie. Meanwhile, Eileen offers Paul and Lesley his room, believing that Jason is moving out.

Katy’s exhausted as she deals with Joseph’s constant crying. Convinced there’s something wrong with him she takes him to see Dr Carter, but when he insists his behaviour is normal Katy feels patronised. When she then realises the bank’s about to close and she hasn’t paid the rent Katy starts to stress.

Tina tries to be upbeat as she moves into Jason’s flat, but the place holds difficult memories for her and as she breaks down Tommy comforts her. Meanwhile, Tyrone’s ecstatic as he and Kirsty show off their baby scan picture.

Also, when Nick pretends he’s forgotten Eva’s birthday his practical joke backfires and she dumps him.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Jason’s gutted as he returns to No 11 and reveals that Rosie’s dumped him. He’s further upset to discover Eileen has given his room to Paul and Lesley. Feeling betrayed by those he loves Jason heads to the pub, where after accepting his old job back, he drowns his sorrows with Owen and Karl. Trying to cheer him up they insist he can do better than Rosie and make fun of her. But Jason defends her and rushes out of the pub. As Rosie says her goodbyes to her family Jason races over with something to say.

As Tommy helps Tina settle into the flat she opens up about her dad’s death. Back at No 9, Tommy suggests Tyrone visits Tina so they can patch things up. But when Kirsty jumps in that’s it’s too late, Tommy snaps.

After leaving Joseph home alone Katy hurries back from the bank just as Chesney calls to say he’s coming home early. Luckily, Katy is able to make it back before Chesney discovers what she’s done.

Also, when Simon acts up for Carla a stressed Peter loses it with him. Carla’s down about the damage they’ve done to Simon and wonders whether they’ve made a mistake; Eva’s surprise birthday party is underway.