Heath has taken Casey on the run for fear of being arrested. Charlie tells Brax he’s got 24 hours to get Casey to the Police Station. So Brax tracks them down, berating Heath for being so foolish. Brax convinces Casey to turn himself in. Charlie charges Casey for the arson, and he spends the night in a cell. When Ruby visits, Casey tells her their relationship is over.

Leah decides to go back to work. She thinks it would be best for her to try and keep busy. Miles sees it as an attempt to shut out her grief over the miscarriage and he feels frustrated and helpless. It’s soon clear that Leah is angry with him – but what can he do to get her to open up?

Sasha prepares for her first day of school and Dex tries to offer some wise brotherly advice. But Sasha skips class instead and meets one of the River Boys – Stu. The pair flirt like crazy.

When Dex finds Sasha and Stu bunking off school and hanging with the River Boys on the beach, he tries – unsuccessfully – to take her home. Soon enough Sasha and Stu are well and truly smitten.