Are Sam and Tom caught in the act?

Since Zoe’s decision to go public about the E.coli outbreak last week, the ED has been swamped – by patients, and hoards of journalists camped outside. Overworked staff are desperate for some fun and relaxation, so are looking forward to the hospital Halloween party.

At the end of their shift, everyone’s getting into their fancy dress costumes in the staff room when Sam and Tom start messing about and have a water fight. One thing leads to another and they end up kissing!

Once they’ve stopped smooching, the pair notice Sam’s ex-hubbie Dylan has entered to room. They have no idea how long he’s been there or whether he saw anything, but if he did, he’s not letting on.

Sam’s worked hard to keep her relationship with Tom a secret as she’s worried about how her ex will react, especially as Dylan not only has to work with Tom, he also considers him a friend.

When Dylan refuses to go to the party, despite efforts to persuade him otherwise, Sam instinctively feels that he’s on to her.