Sarah tears a strip off Bethany but Bethany’s unrepentant and hurls an ornament at Sarah as Gail, Michael, Audrey and David watch, open-mouthed. Later, the pair calm down and Bethany begs her mum to let them stay in Weatherfield. Realising how unhappy her daughter is Sarah agrees they can stay.

Tracy is furious with Tony for lending Steve the money behind her back and threatens to reveal their affair. Desperate to keep her quiet, Tony explains to Liz and Michelle how Tracy was demanding money. Calling at No 1 Tony begs for Tracy’s forgiveness, suggesting they have a weekend away, but Tracy is having none of it.

Tim and Sally quiz a conflicted Craig over his relationship with Faye. He assures them Faye is just a good friend, but they think there’s more to it.

Fed up with being treated like a slave, Sally quits her job as Norris’s butler. David becomes suspicious of Gail’s strange behaviour.