Are Sasha and Matt over?

Sasha is determined to mend her relationship and tells Matt she has applied to study at Northern Districts University. But Matt doesn’t turn up for their date and avoids Sasha by bonding with Oscar. Later, Sasha sees Matt on the beach and tells him she knows his plan, but Matt takes it a step further and tells her he doesn’t love her anymore.

Zac tells VJ they can organise a safe boxing match, yet Irene reminds him that Leah wouldn’t approve. When Zac tells VJ he can no longer participate in a boxing match, VJ is left fuming. So when Spencer and Oscar are arguing, Oscar tries to push Spencer into throwing the first punch, but VJ hits Oscar instead. Zac has to suspend VJ, leaving their relationship in tatters.

Also, Maddy returns to school, but Spencer can’t bear the way Oscar has treated her. Trying to defend her honour, Spencer ends up publicly humiliating her. A fight threatens to erupt between Spencer and Oscar, but VJ throws the first punch straight at Oscar.