Are the kids on the school bus doomed?

Trey has just announced to the crowded school bus that he’s wired it to blow up. His stepdad John doubts he’s telling the truth, but Kirsty insists they err on the side of caution. Nicole finds Trey’s little black book that contains his bomb-making plans. Kirsty tries to keep the kids from panicking, while John examines underneath the bus. He leans out and confirms that something has indeed been rigged up. He determines that it’s set to detonate in one hour.

Trey collects everyone’s mobile phones and leaves the bus, disposing of his stash in the bush.

Jenena, Trey’s mum, is surprised to see Bartlett back in the Bay – she thought she was supposed to meet the bus later that afternoon. Bartlett, on the other hand, expected the bus back a long time ago. Bartlett becomes concerned as to why it’s late, and goes to see Charlie.

Jai’s poisoned arm has deteriorated and he needs urgent hospitalisation. Miles is carrying Jai when they finally meet up with Alf and Geoff. Eventually Jai makes it to hospital, but he’s in a bad way. Annie and Miles are worried sick as Jai is assessed. Have they got him to hospital in time?

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