Are the McQueens celebrating in vain?

The McQueen family is distraught when they realise their syndicate lottery numbers have come up, but Nana didn’t pay for her share of the ticket. Phoebe opens the door to Robbie who tells her he paid for Nana instead. Meanwhile, Robbie gets off the bus laden with expensive shopping bags. The McQueens spot him and all accuse him of stealing the ticket. Nancy says she gave Robbie an advance on his wages this morning.

Holly and Cindy can’t believe it when their lottery syndicate numbers come up. However, their joy fades when Cindy realises she’s lost the ticket. Cindy is on her knees in the shop looking for the ticket and Mercedes questions what’s wrong. Everyone is celebrating in The Dog until Mercedes drags Cindy in and forces her to tell them what’s happened. Cindy finally confesses that she never bought a ticket.

Blessing calls her mum but when she answers, Blessing is paralysed with fear and can’t talk. Dennis is watching TV and is shocked when his syndicate lottery numbers are called.

Also, Phoebe tries to apologise to Robbie but he breaks up with her. She goes into Price Slice and throws eggs at Cindy.