Bianca and Vittorio are ecstatic about their engagement. April is sceptical, but Bianca insists it’s what she wants. But she’s having dreams about Liam. April starts planning the wedding, but Bianca is lukewarm.

April probes but Bianca strongly denies anything is wrong. April thinks she doth protest too much. Bianca later admits that she loves Liam as well as Vittorio. April thinks she should call off the engagement, but Bianca thinks her feelings for Liam will fade.

Nicole asks Mitzy if she made up Ruby’s prediction and Mitzy doesn’t deny it. If it cheers someone up, what’s the harm? Marilyn overhears and is shocked. Is Sid right? Marilyn eventually confronts Mitzy, who gets so agitated she has a seizure.

Romeo has tried talking to Indi, but she’s avoiding him. Nicole tells him Indi will come when she’s ready, but Romeo wants answers. Sid asks Indi what’s wrong and she bluffs. She doesn’t know why she cried with Romeo and is embarrassed about it. Nicole talks to Indi. Indi confides that her problem is to do with Owen, her ex, but she doesn’t know how to fix it. She tells Romeo she might need to take things more slowly, and he says he’s just happy to be back with her.

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