Tony can’t connect with Rachel since Harry’s abduction. She admits this to Leah who is supportive. Rachel finds her first mother’s group intimidating, but she strikes up a friendship with Andy, a recently widowed father of two. Tony confesses to Alf he’s struggling with Rachel and Alf persuades him to help coach football again. When Rachel finds out she’s not happy. It seems the gulf between them is increasing.

Miles tells Leah about his argument with Kirsty and Kirsty tells Leah she shouldn’t have interfered. Jai finds out about the pregnancy test. Jail visits Annie, who tells him to ask Kirsty what’s going on. Jai admits he knows about the pregnancy test to Kirsty and Miles – Miles is stunned. Kirsty admits she was crying yesterday because she found out she was pregnant. She later reveals she’s considering an abortion.

Annie and Dexter are having a secret relationship to spare Jai’s feelings. Annie doesn’t know Jai has been building a website to win her back. Jai misreads Annie’s support over the pregnancy debacle as a sign that she wants him back. He brings her a keyring with the domain name on it and is stunned to see her kissing Dexter.

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