Nicole and Angelo tell Marilyn and Sid they want baby George. Sid asks Nicole to reconsider but she’s adamant. Sid explains the legalities to Marilyn – she’s not letting go without a fight. Marilyn asks Morag, who agrees she has no right to a custody claim.

Marilyn talks to Nicole and discovers the truth behind Angelo’s departure – a payout from Brax. Marilyn tells Sid, in the hope it’ll count against Angelo in a custody claim, but Sid dismisses it and starts arranging the handover. But when Sid returns home, Marilyn and George are missing!

Sid asks Roo to try and reason with Nicole, but Roo won’t get involved. Roo later finds Morag and Marilyn discussing baby George and she tells Marilyn it’s Nicole’s decision to make. Later, Nicole asks Roo if she’s making the right choice and Roo tells her to look inside for the answer. Nicole smiles – she’s certain.

Xavier wants to teach April to surf as a gesture of his affection, but he can’t find her. She’s busy consoling Dex over the loss of George. The pair are clearly connecting on more than a plutonic level as they stroll on the beach… until April remembers her date with Xavier!

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