Ari stabs Mark in Neighbours!

Mark Brennan manages to tackle Ari to the ground - but he fights back and stabs Mark!

Belinda runs into Charlie, when Ari suddenly appears. He explains that he loves Belinda and to prove it he’s been making Steph pay for ruining her life. As Belinda tries to talk Ari down, Charlie sends a message to Steph. Ari tries to force Belinda and Charlie into his car when Mark Brennan and Ellen arrive and Mark tackles Ari to the ground. It looks like Mark is victorious until he collapses – he’s been stabbed!

Meanwhile, Paige is stoked when Aaron lands her a professional boxing opponent: Angelina Jackson. But Aaron’s worried when he discovers Angela recently hospitalised a sparring partner. Angelina’s manager Lenny agrees to cancel the fight – but at a price…

After discovering the bug in the confessional, Amy and Jack confront Mark at the station and DS Crabb overhears. Later, Amy has a confession for Jack.