Art isn’t easy

Katherine decides to run for president of the homeowner’s association. When she won’t promise Lynette’s treehouse will be spared, Lynette decides to run against her. Katherine wins and tells a puzzled Lynette that the treehouse can stay. When Katherine tells Bob and Lee that their newly installed fountain has to go, they say they know ‘all about Chicago’.

Elsewhere, Bree is furious when she learns that Phyllis has taken Danielle out of the convent to raise the baby herself. Andrew tells Bree she’s going to have to outbid Phyllis and they tell her how proud they are that she’s raising the baby instead of going to that ‘party school’ that they no longer object to. Once they mention the convertible they were going to give her, Danielle agrees to let Bree raise the baby.

Meanwhile, as Gaby sneaks off for a weekend with Carlos she notices a cable van and, guessing that Victor has hired someone to tail her, she sneaks out of her house in disguise. Carlos tells Gaby he wants them to do this right. She agrees, and gives him a kiss to last for the next six months but it’s photographed by the man tailing her who’s not working for Victor, but for Edie…