Arthur has a horror smash!

Arthur’s due to accept his award for Junior Doctor of the Year but soon finds himself going against mentor Hanssen to stand up for Chantelle, who lands in hot water with the Holby boss for giving a pregnant patient false information.

Later, Arthur persuades Chantelle to join him at the awards. As Arthur and Chantelle drive in one car, with Hanssen and Malick following behind, Arthur decides he wants to be alone with Chantelle and deliberately misses the turning.

Malick calls wanting to know why they’re going the wrong way and, as Arthur is distracted trying to reassure Chantelle, they smash into the back of a lorry. Who will survive?

Elsewhere, Sacha tries to remain optimistic about Chrissie’s radiotherapy, but he struggles to prevent his lies about Tim’s attempts to say goodbye coming to light. Then, when he confides in Mo, things go too far…