Arthur makes a mess of his new job

After winning the coveted F1 prize, Arthur Digby is basking in the glory of being hailed Holby’s best junior doctor. But, this week, he struggles with the demands of his new role. Arthur’s nervous as he treats Daniel, a medical student with stomach pains. When Arthur struggles to diagnose the patient, Chantelle reckons he should try talking to him.

When Daniel takes a turn for the worse, Arthur can’t handle it and runs off, leaving Michael Spence to stabilise him. Chantelle finds Arthur hiding in the storeroom, and he lies that he’s looking for supplies. Later, Arthur learns Daniel should be taking anti-psychotic drugs – then discovers he’s disappeared. Arthur and Chantelle search the hospital and find Daniel sitting on a window ledge about to jump.

Chantelle runs to get Michael, leaving Arthur to talk him down but he’s useless. Luckily, Michael arrives just in time and tragedy is avoided. Arthur gets the chance to redeem himself by helping Michael operate on Daniel but Arthur feels the pressure and flees theatre. Chantelle finds Arthur in the toilets having a panic attack and manages to calm him down. But does Arthur have what it takes to be a doctor?

Meanwhile, Ric’s surprised to find Michael in his place on Keller ward but accepts Serena’s challenge to spend the day on a very busy AAU. Despite the rush, Ric vows to take things slow and dismisses many of Gemma’s suggestions but when she stops him making a near-fatal error he’s grateful for her intervention. Later, Ric tells Serena his AAU experience was ‘invigorating’ – but can he really handle the pace?

Also, everyone is surprised to see Ollie back at work so soon after Tara’s funeral. Will he be able to keep his emotions in check without his work suffering?