Arthur’s becoming increasingly concerned for Zosia, whose been behaving very strangely since her drug collapse a few weeks ago. When Zosia arrives late for work, Arthur puts her on basic tasks, intervening when she attempts to conduct an ultrasound on 12-year-old Abi. When Zosia then insists on performing a biopsy on Abi, Arthur makes it clear he’s against it – but before he knows it an undeterred Zosia has taken Abi into theatre!

In a panic, Arthur calls Holby boss – and Zosia’s dad – Guy and then stops Zosia from making a huge professional mistake. Zosia’s anxious, fraught and lashing out at Arthur just as Guy arrives – has Arthur done the right thing raising the alarm?

Desperate to convince Mo she has ambition, Adele tells her sister she’s going to do a nursing degree and gets some much-needed support from Jonny. But when an oversight from Adele causes problems for a patient, Jac takes her to task over her future career and Adele begins to wonder if she belongs at Holby. Can Adele prove she has what it takes to be a great nurse?

When Colette’s surprised to find a fairly staff-less AAU, ward manager Fletch assures her that he has everything under control but Colette reckons Fletch is anything but organised. Determined to hide the understaffing – especially from Ric – Fletch becomes a ‘jack of all trades’ on the ward but soon realises he’s been rumbled. Will ex-fiancee Colette come to Fletch’s aid?