On the notorious Bronte estate, Pcs Arun Ghir and Millie Brown find a gang beating up Darren Smart and Jade Conway. As the gang flees, the officers tend to the young couple, who say they were heading back to Darren’s house when he was beaten up and had his car and other possessions stolen. Back at Sun Hill, a fired-up Arun urges his colleagues to find the thugs.

Later, the officer’s head back to the estate and spot the gang. A determined Arun splits from Millie and his colleagues – but soon realises he’s walked into a trap and is stripped of his dignity – and most of his uniform. Back at the station, Arun tells Sergeant Smith what happened and Smithy decides to trace the gang using Arun’s stolen radio.

The officers get a result when they arrest the youngest gang member, Josh Conway – Jade’s brother – who reveals that Jade is behind the muggings. Officers storm a flat looking for Jade, and find another of her victims, Ian Cobb, tied up and beaten.
Jade and her gang make a run for it – but Arun vows to catch them this time…