Arun has an attack of conscience

Pcs Arun Ghir and Mel Ryder along with Sergeant Smith, find a truck driver, Art Minshull, lying unconscious in a layby. It seems he has been robbed of his cargo, which was cigarettes. But when the officers review CCTV footage, they’re shocked to see Art ushering a woman and child into his trailer. At the hospital, Art, who is clearly upset, refuses to name the people he was smuggling into Britain.

Arun and Mel go to Art’s girlfriend Louise’s house, where she tells a very sympathetic Arun that she met the mother and child, Halima and Mahmud, when she was overseas. Halima asked her for help to get away from her violent husband and Louise asked Art to smuggle them in to Britain. Now his lorry has been hijacked, the police are increasingly concerned for the welfare of Halima and Mahmud. What will the hijackers do when they realise their cargo is human?

CID and uniformed officers work closely together to find the illegal immigrants. But when they eventually find the trailer, it’s empty – and Mel notices that Arun is very relieved about this. Having decided he’s not cut out to be a police officer, Arun has helped the immigrants escape.