As Eileen dumps Michael, Phelan makes a confession

Michael takes a swing at Phelan and a mortified Eileen tells him their relationship is over. Gail’s chuffed but Audrey coolly points out that Michael is not much of a catch. Meanwhile, Eileen’s shocked when Phelan declares he has feelings for her!

David tells Gemma to get of the Salon but when she bumps into a pregnant Sarah she deduces that Callum is the father and threatens to tell him unless she keeps the job. When David calls her bluff, Gemma claims she spoke to Callum the other day. Spotting an opportunity to have Gemma talk about Callum and convince people he’s still alive, David persuades Audrey to keep Gemma on a trial basis.

Rana notices how Alya and Jason were looking at each other and listens as a shamefaced Alya reveals her fling with Jason. Later, Rana lets herself into the Bistro kitchen and kisses Zeedan.

Julia and Richie tell Billie that Marta has returned to Poland but Eva thinks she saw Marta through a window and wants to investigate. Sally persuades Tim to pose for some promotional photos.