As safe as houses…

With just two days to go before retiring from the force, Sergeant June Ackland is involved in the corruption investigation on the Aldbourne Estate development. During questioning, property developer Brian Stevens (played by Mike Reid) tells June and Pc Roger Valentine that angry evictee Frank Harris has been spying on him and taking photos convinced that his purchase of the estate was illegitimate.

Later, Frank tells June that he has seen emails between Brian and Councillor Jerry Davis confirming that Brian paid money to ensure that his proposal for the estate would be approved. Roger manages to obtain the emails while June goes to collect CCTV footage of a meeting between Brian and Councillor Davis.

But when she discovers that DAC Georgia Hobbs is also involved and, on her way back to Sun Hill, June is driven off the road and a masked man steals the tape. A traumatised June returns to the station and shows Gina the emails indicating that Georgia has offered Sun Hill as part of a re-development proposal.

They decide to tell DS John Heaton in the morning but on her way home, June is shocked to catch Heaton and Georgia kissing and leaving together. Surely he can’t be involved?