Ash runs into his sister Billie when he visits their brother’s grave. The pair talk and she tells Ash that she and Dean are still an item. Afterwards, Ash shows her around Summer Bay and the pair bump into Ricky who convinces them to have lunch at Angelo’s. While there, Ricky tells Billie that Ash cares for her deeply. This pushes Billie to admit she is no longer with Dean and Ash confesses he’s dead. Horrified at the confession, Billie runs off.

Alf thanks Josh and Jett for putting together a thoughtful service. Meanwhile, Nate convinces Roo to let him take Alf back to city hospital. However, she is torn with Maddy still going through chemotherapy. Maddy senses her anguish and plans to stay with Irene, so Roo can visit Alf more often.

Also, Irene asks Josh and Evelyn if they’ve seen Matt. Evelyn calls Sasha and realises that she hasn’t seen Matt, so Josh believes he’s fallen in with the wrong crowd.