Ash and Lily fight it out!

It’s the day of Ash’s tribunal and he’s forced to fight for his career! Some weeks back junior doctor Lily made a formal complaint of bullying against her mentor after Ash falsely claimed a patient had died in order to teach her a harsh lesson. This week the hospital board, led by Holby City CEO Guy Self, gives Ash a grilling for his unprofessional conduct.

Finally, after a gruelling day, Ash is given a formal written warning and expresses genuine remorse for the heartache he caused his junior doctor. But there’s a surprise in store for the rest of the staff when Lily puts in a request to stay on at the ED and Ash ends up backing her!

Elsewhere a tired but happy Fletch returns to work after his paternity leave.

Ethan is shocked when his brother Cal turns up as the hospital latest locum – again! The brothers end up being reprimanded by Zoe when they get in a shouting match in front of a patient.

Robyn is on warpath with her messy housemates Max and Lofty for not cleaning up – causing the pair to form a secret pact.

And paramedic Iain returns to work determined to put last week’s hostage siege behind him. But as his work begins to suffer, he’s forced to visit Big Mac in hospital who advises the ex-soldier to face his demons from Afghanistan.