Ash, Andy and Phoebe are thrilled after receiving their licence for their mechanic workshop. Their joy is shortlived, however, when Alf says he never agreed to give them the unused space in the Caravan Park!

Zac’s arrest has turned some of the Summer Bay residents against Leah and her family. Business at The Diner and Caravan Park are suffering and Leah’s still shaken after the vandalism of Alf’s house. She tells Alf that maybe it’s best that she leaves, but Alf orders her stay.

There is more bad news for Leah when Zac’s bail appeal is rejected and he’s refusing visitors. The news sends Hunter over the edge and he threatens to run away, but Olivia convinces him it’s a bad idea. Later, the kids decide to throw Leah a Greek-themed feast but protesters at the Caravan Park interrupt the meal and Alf has to defend Zac’s innocence.

Also, Dylan tells Kat it would have been his son Anton’s 5th birthday and, as the emotions run high, the pair nearly share a passionate kiss.