Ash and Phoebe get physical!

Phoebe tells Denny that she feels a physical attraction to Ash, but is in love with Kyle, but Denny storms off and bumps straight into Kyle. Kyle races home to confront Phoebe about her feelings for Ash, and when she admits it’s true he dumps her. Devastated, Kyle pours his heart out to Denny, while Ash and Phoebe rip each other’s clothes off in the back of his car.

Matt is in bed with Charlotte when he gets a text from Maddy about revision. Sick to her stomach about their relationship, Maddy threatens to confront Charlotte about their inappropriate behaviour. Matt tells Charlotte and angered by the schoolboy, Charlotte viciously threatens Maddy to keep her moth shut.

Ash is fuming with Billie and her lies, but he soon softens up when Billie feeds him another sob story.

Also, Marilyn’s in shock after John reveals he wants a baby. As the pair disagree on having a child of their own, the newlyweds reach a compromise and agree to try fostering.