Ash receives Billie’s will

Kat gives Ash a shoulder to cry on as he comes to terms with Billie's death

Ash is distraught when he receives Billie’s death certificate in the post, and goes off to find Kat. After a heart to heart the pair end up sleeping together. Ash declares his love for her and they decide to give their relationship another chance. Ash finds out that if Luc is to receive a small amount of money from Billie’s estate, he must confirm brother is dead before they will release the funds…

Meanwhile, Matt tells Ellie that they are leaving Summer Bay to go and live in Vietnam. Ellie doesn’t take the news well and storms off. Will Evelyn and Matt be able to convince Elle that Vietnam could be a great opportunity? Or will Matt end up staying in the Bay?

After finally working things out, Olivia and Hunter are the happiest couple in Summer Bay. The good times don’t last long, however, as Olivia introduces Hunter to her new university friends, Lena and Byron. Byron makes it clear he fancies Olivia, putting Hunter on edge. Will Hunter be able to get past his jealous feelings and trust Olivia? Or will his hot temper get the better of him?