Ash challenges Justin to a race

Justin makes Josh an offer on his bike when he overhears Hannah saying she likes a man in leathers. Ash offers Josh a better deal and Justin ups his offer but has to confess that he hasn’t got enough money to pay up. Ash buys the bike instead and a riled Justin accuses Ash of setting him up. Ash challenges Justin to a bike race and Justin accepts, even though he can’t ride a motorbike.

Calvin is suspicious about Sasha and Warren’s ‘friendship’ and he’s concerned when he finds them both in Il Gnosh. Calvin asks Tony for Mandy’s number to question her about Louise. Tony refuses but tells Calvin that Louise told Mandy that Warren killed Sean Kennedy. Calvin heads to the police station and demands that Sean’s case is reopened but his plea is refused.

Nancy surprises Ravi and Kris by telling them that she wants to continue their three-way relationship. Ravi and Kris argue over spending time with Nancy and Nancy chooses Kris. Ravi crashes their date and Nancy draws up some ground rules. She feels uncomfortable when Ravi kisses both her and Kris goodbye.

Also, Steph and Sarah go to a new rival dance class and are charmed by the sexy instructor Fernando.

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