Morag is desperate to spill the beans to Martha, but Ash urges her to let him tell Martha the truth, and she’s in shock when he reveals he’s a married man with children. Martha refuses to listen to Ash as he explains he’s in love with her and wants to leave his wife, and storms off feeling betrayed. But after a heart to heart with Cassie, Martha tells Ash she wants to stay with him. Later, Alf and Morag are shocked when Martha tells them her decision.

Back in the hospital, Cassie gets a call from Macca in the city and tells him she’s staying in the Bay to support her family. But despite pretending to be understanding, grim Macca’s not impressed with her decision.

Belle continues to pretend that she’s interested in Lucas, not Drew, but it’s clear that her over-affectionate manner towards Lucas is just for the watching Drew’s benefit. Lucas, meanwhile, is misreading Belle’s signals and decides the time is right to take their relationship a step further, and talks to Jack about his plans to sleep with Belle for the first time.

But Belle clearly has other things on her mind as she sits alone in the Diner. Clutching a photo of Drew, she’s clearly torn between the two men.

*Screened on RTE One, Monday April 9*