Ash continues to hunt Robbo down

Will Ash finally get revenge?

New cop in town, Colby, tries desperately to talk some sense into Ash over his obsession of making Robbo pay the price for the death of Kat and his unborn baby. Meanwhile, Justin feels conflicted, as he is torn over telling Ash the truth or betraying Tori. Justin decides to remain loyal to Tori and, with the help of Willow, he comes up with a plan to ensure that Robbo can escape without being caught by Ash or the police. Will Justin’s plan be a success?

Ash tells the River Boys to get some answers from the service station owner who last saw Robbo. Just as Ash and the River Boys set off for the gas station, Colby stops them in their tracks. Ash is just about to turn back, when he hears that Robbo has been spotted near the forest trial. However, with Ash like a man possessed to catch Robbo, his actions have tragic consequences…

Also, Maggie is still in a state of shock regarding her cancer diagnosis. Ben goes into overdrive researching possible treatments, scans and follow-up appointments. He then tells Maggie that she needs to tell Coco and Ziggy, but Maggie isn’t ready for that conversation.