Will Ash end his relationship with Kat?

Kat puts work before Ash and Luc again...

Ash and Kat have a meeting with their adoption lawyer, but Kat has a meeting at work that she can’t miss. The pair are about to come to blows when Tori walks in to check on Luc. The pair stop bickering, but it’s clear that there’s tension in the air. Kat takes Tori’s arrival as a chance to leave for work and, when Kat leaves, Ash tells Tori that their relationship is on the rocks. Next, Ash turns up to court, to see if the judge will grant Mick a paternity test to prove he’s Luc’s father.

Meanwhile, Justin is desperate to get in touch with Brody as he needs to sign in for his bail appointment in the next few hours, so the siblings set off in search of their brother. Meanwhile, Ziggy is alarmed when she sees Brody in the back of the van while driving. Brody demands that she pulls over and gives him his keys back. Will Brody make it back to Summer Bay in time? Also, Zannis won’t leave Brody alone and demands to know if Brody will do another job for him. Will Brody crumble under Zannis’s pressure?

Also, Maggie and Ben are enjoying their extra time in Summer Bay, until Coco tells them that Ziggy has gone back home. Later, Alf introduces Coco to Raffy and the pair immediately become friends. Is Summer Bay starting to look brighter for Coco?