Ash feels betrayed

Can Ash forgive Tori and Justin?

Ash is livid with both Tori and Justin for hiding Robbo. Ash doesn’t want to hear a thing Tori has to say and storms out. Justin tries to reassure Tori that when Ash calms down they will patch things up. The next morning, Tori is still distraught how things have turned out and finds a shoulder to cry on from Willow. Meanwhile, at the garage, Justin calls Ash a hypocrite for turning his back on Tori when he would have lied to protect a loved one as well. Will Ash take Tori back?

Meanwhile, Roo refuses to visits Alf in hospital and, when he is discharged, things between the father-daughter duo are tense. Alf tries to talk about Martha, Roo’s mother, but she changes the subject. Later, Roo heads to the police station and asks if he can find some information on Martha, but Colby explains that finding that sort of information will take an extremely long time. Will Roo ask Alf for answers?

Also, Robbo is questioned by Colby and told he will be charged for the murder of Dennis Novak and for any crimes he committed as Beckett Reid. When Colby returns to his caravan he reveals a blood and sand tattoo – Colby is a River Boy!