Things are still awkward between Tori and Ash. However, Ash bumps into a single mum who asks him out on a date and Irene encourages him to accept. Meanwhile, Tori decides to take her mind off Ash by going on a date with Colin. As Tori prepares for her date, Justin tells her that Ash’s feelings for her are real, but she refuses to listen. To make matters worse, Tori and Ash both take their dates to Salt…

Meanwhile, Robbo is enjoying his new role as Marilyn’s handyman, but when John arrives home, he’s rude and short-tempered with him. In fact, John eventually gets Robbo to leave, much to Marilyn’s anger. John tries to get back into his wife’s good books, but she says he must make amends with Robbo. John ends up having a heart to heart with him, as they discuss how memory loss has affected both their lives. Is this the start of a new Summer Bay bromance?

Also, Kat and Scarlett are still fighting and things spiral out of control when Kat tells Scarlett to move out of the apartment. Is the friendship between Kat and Scarlett over already?