Ash has a warning for Dylan

Ash and Kat have dinner together when Kat agrees to let Billie move into the flat and, as the pair chat, a jealous Dylan looks on. When Ash spots Dylan’s intense staring, he questions Kat about their relationship and she explains that he used to hit her. The next morning, Ash warns Dylan to stay away from Kat…

Kat and Dylan interrogate Irene over her DNA being found at Charlotte’s murder scene, but they don’t have enough evidence and decide to let her go. However, Dylan warns her not to leave town.

When Andy returns home, he’s elated that Josh had an offer from a local university, but Josh is still determined to move out. In a desperate attempt to make Josh stay, Andy says he’ll move out and pack his bags.

Josh and Chris have a heart to heart about their love lives. When Chris hears that Andy kissed Evelyn, he’s livid, finds Andy and punches him. But Chris isn’t just angry with Andy and he lets rip at Hannah.