Phoebe tells Ash to put a stop to Billie’s meddling. First, Ash confronts Kyle who tells him Billie came onto him and she lied about Phoebe and Chris sleeping together. Ash warns his sister that she can’t manipulate people to get her own way. Later, Billie and Phoebe make peace and she apologises to Kyle.

Hannah bumps into Oliver, the guy she danced up a storm with a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, Andy sees the pair together and Oliver ends up getting punched!

Nate and Kat enjoy a romantic swim until they spot the bust-up between Oliver and Andy. Nate checks Oliver over, while Kat reprimands Andy and the couple realise they can’t switch off from work.

Hannah and Andy talk about the fight and Andy explains that he saw Hannah flirt with Oliver last week. Hannah protests she has done nothing wrong, but Andy has had enough and calls time on the relationship.