Ash is hurt by Phoebe’s honestly

Kyle is preparing to leave hospital while Ash is still recovering. Kyle thanks Ash for his help but when Phoebe comes to visit, he feels like a third wheel. When Ricky visits Ash at the hospital and accidently implies that Phoebe feels that Kyle would make a better father, Ash confronts Phoebe over her baby-daddy preferences.

Later, Nate drops by to see Kyle, but only Ricky is home. The pair reminisce about the past – and end up ripping each other’s clothes off!

Denny asks Kyle if he and Ricky have anything planned for the day, leaving Kyle bemused and Denny in tears. Still confused at Denny’s question, he tells Ricky about the encounter. Ricky finds Denny in tears and they start talking about Casey, on the anniversary of his death. After, Denny decides it’s time for change and start researching trips to Europe. Kat walks in and spontaneously decides to tag along.