Ash and Leah are at war over baby Luc

Is Ash trying to take Luc away from VJ and Leah?

Leah continues to push everyone away after her fight with Ash. At first she confides in Irene, but when Irene defends Ash, Leah explodes. Will she ruin her friendship with Irene? Next, Leah has a run-in with Sam and warns her to stay away from Zac. Later, Sam turns up at the caravan park, needing a room, but Leah refuses to give her caravan. When Zac comes home, he gives Sam a caravan in the hope of keeping her silent about their one night-stand. Will his plan work?

Ash is furious after his fight with Leah, but Irene urges him to calm down. After listening to Irene’s advice, the pair head over to see Leah and VJ and explain they have no intention of taking over – they just want to help out with Luc. Will Leah and VJ accept their kind gesture?