Ash overdoses a patient!

Ash’s daughter Ella steals ketamine from the Holby doctor’s bag this week and, while her dad is at work, holds a party for her friends Clare and Jason! High on drink and drugs Jason has a dangerous fall and winds up in the emergency department. Concerned about Jason’s behaviour Ash asks Ella if they’ve been taking drugs, but Ella denies all knowledge of the missing ketamine.

Believing his daughter is telling the truth Ash makes the decision to give Jason a dose of ketamine. But the young man’s condition continues to worsen and he slips into a coma and dies!

Following the tragic events Ash hands in his notice to Clinical Lead Zoe and hands his remorseless daughter Ella over to the police.

Elsewhere, deeply in dept from gambling on the stock exchange Holby nurse Fletch has been moonlighting as a taxi-driver. This week, on his way to work, Fletch stops at the scene of a crash to help a trapped family. But when he rocks up to work in an ambulance, Nurse manager Tess is suspicious!

Confronted by Tess, Fletch is forced to confess he’s been moonlighting as a minicab driver to make ends meet.
Having already banned exhausted Fletch from working overtime, after he made mistake at work, Tess is unimpressed. He promises to quit double jobbing. But does he mean it?