Ash pushes Hannah too far

Justin is scared he’ll be done for Hannah’s accident and plots to leave the village. Hannah gets out of hospital and pays him a visit and Hannah is shocked by Justin’s strength of feeling as he protests his innocence. Hannah is confused when Suzanne worries about her eating and is furious when she discovers that Ash told Suzanne her anorexia had returned. Hannah meets up with Ash and gives him an earful.

Abi encourages Sarah to visit Ste to talk about the naming ceremony. Sarah starts to thaw towards Ste when she realises what an effort he’s gone to in order to clear up the flat and how desperate he is to have a part in his baby’s life. Ste is delighted when the visit goes well and he pins his hopes on being reunited with Amy when she finally returns.

Nancy attempts to talk to Frankie about her ban on seeing Charlie but she ends up being roped into helping Frankie at the shop when the freezers flood. Frankie is grateful but still refuses to let her see Charlie until an impassioned plea from Nancy makes her see sense.

Also, Myra is determined to get the family back together and forces Michaela and Mercedes to apologise to Carmel for upsetting her.

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