Ash puts Hannah’s life in danger

Justin is terrified on the day of the bike race as he knows he can’t beat Ash. Justin has a run-in with Ash and tells him that Hannah has been helping him fix the bike. Ash tampers with Justin’s bike in revenge but is horrified when Hannah jumps on the bike to prove to Ash she can ride. Justin realises what Ash has done and races off after Hannah on Ash’s bike but he’s too late when the bike packs in and Hannah is thrown to the ground.

Anita reaches a new low after Gaz’s attack but keeps the whitewashing incident to herself. Anita later runs into Gaz and he demands that she get on her knees to beg for mercy then rubs a meat pie in her face. Anita returns home in a complete state and confesses to a shocked Bel, Carmel and Theresa what Gaz has done.

Nancy is pushed to the limit having Jacqui in the house. Jacqui heads out, leaving Russ to mind Max and Nancy tells Russ that Jacqui is using him as an unpaid babysitter. Russ continues to play the game with Jacqui if it means he spends time with his son.

Also, Carmel struggles with her potato phobia at the Roys.

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