Ash realises Dylan set him up

When the police discover that there were no fingerprints found at the garage, they realise it was a professional job. Andy visits Dylan at the police station who says dodgy things will always happen when Ash is your business partner. When Andy tells Ash what Dylan said, he realises that Dylan was behind the break-in and goes off to confront him.

Leah walks in on Zac having a nightmare, but when she wakes him up, he mistakes her for an attacker and strangles her. Shaken, Leah confides in Roo, who confronts Zac and tells him that he’s out of control. Zac finally acknowledges that he needs the professional help.

VJ convinces Skye to be his pretend girlfriend so that Billie sees him as potential boyfriend material, leaving Evelyn and Josh amused. 

Greg tells Zac that he has visited Tank in prison and knows about the attack, as Tank saved him. Greg pleads with Zac to help Tank as the thugs in prison are threatening to attack him.