When Rita doesn’t turn up for work Ash pays her a home visit. Rita is clearly in freefall following the revelations her husband is a sex offender and needs help to beat the booze and keep her job. Rita reluctantly lets Ash in and promises him she’s going to put her demons to rest…

In the ED Connie’s efficiency drive continues down a dark path this week as she maintains pressure on nurse manager Tess to retire long-standing employee Charlie!

Waterloo Road star Carl Au makes a guest appearance in this week’s Casualty. As troubled teenager Danny he almost meets a sticky end in when he narrowly avoids being run over by Big Mac’s ambulance. In the ED Lofty becomes concerned about his mental health. But it’s Charlie who really gets through to him.

Connie’s former mentor, surgeon Andrea, arrives at the ED to treat a young boy with a heart condition. Something about Andrea’s insistence for a risky operation alarms Connie. With a bit of digging Connie uncovers Andrea’s push for surgery is due to the fact she’s got MS and soon will have to stop working.

Elsewhere Dixie disapproves of Jeff and Tamzin’s relationship and separates them at work!

The death of an alcoholic patient makes Ash realise Rita needs more then willpower. He barges into her home and confronts the tortured nurse, making her face up to the fact she needs help.