Ash reveals a shocking family secret to Anita!

Ravi remains unconscious in hospital while a guilty Ash is ostracised from the family. Bel asks Leila to be civil to Ash for Ravi’s sake but Leila can’t hold back for long when he tries to blame anyone but himself for what’s happened. Bel’s forced to step in and, although it’s breaking her heart, she tells Ash to go. He refuses to leave and goes straight to see Ravi, where he finds Anita having a moment alone with him. Wound up after his argument, Ash reveals a shocking family secret to a stunned Anita.

Kris and Nancy put their bad feelings aside to support Ravi. But Nancy’s horrified when Ash announces Kris knew all about Ravi’s condition and didn’t stop him fighting!

Steph’s in a panic as the food and drink critic from the Chester Herald’s coming to MOBS. She’s not impressed when Cheryl rolls in late and is then distracted watching a topless Calvin. Unable to concentrate Cheryl heads over to see him but he’s a little scared. Steph is on the verge of sacking Cheryl but gives her the opportunity to make up for it. Later, Steph’s thrilled when she discovers Mobs has been given a high score by the critic.

Also, Cheryl’s evicted from halls.

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