Will Ash discover Robbo’s secret?

Ash snoops through Robbo and Kat's flat

After being caught snooping in Kat’s flat by Tori, Ash has a lot of explaining to do. Tori tells Ash that he’s obsessed with Robbo and Ash retorts that the welfare of his baby could be at stake. Tori understands Ash’s concerns but refuses to get involved if it means breaking the law. Ash decides to follow his instincts and breaks into Robbo’s car – but what will he find?

Hunter asks for extra shifts at The Bait Shop, so he can buy Olivia an engagement ring. Meanwhile, Olivia tells Irene that she has been unfaithful to Hunter, but can’t lose her job at The Find. Irene tells Olivia she’s playing with fire, but Olivia is determined to keep things professional with Axel.

Also, Roo returns home and Ryder is determined to make a fuss of her. Quinn tells Ryder to let Roo get some rest, but Roo says she doesn’t mind. Roo turns her attention to Ryder’s night terrors. However, Quinn tells her sister to back off and that she’s capable of looking after Ryder by herself. So how will Quinn react when Tori offers to help?